Bohemian Salseros (CZ)

Honza Dvořák
Dedicated his life to dance since 1994, Honza started to attend competitions very soon and reached the international class in Latin American dances already in 1999. He appeared 4 times on the Czech Championship and 6 times on international competitions IDSF Open in the Czech republic a well as abroad during the following 3 years. The preparation for competitions was held in the dance club STK Praha with guidance of great trainers such as Jiri Sevcik, Marcel Novak, Pavla Pazdirkova, Zdenek Rezler or Olga Barashihina. Except competing, he used his Latin American dances knowledge for teaching, choreographies creation and shows. He stopped attending competitions in 2002.
Honza met Salsa for the first time at summer dance school in Luhacovice. It was organized by Jaroslav Kunes, multiple champion of the Czech republic in Latin American dances, who brought Salsa directly from his stay in Cuba. Honza found himself enchanted by this style immediately. He chose courses of SECS Salsa with El Ivanko who brought cross body lead and Mambo on 2 styles from London to Prague. Honza could be met in Salsa clubs very often and soon he returned to performing. He was one of the founding members of SECS Salsa Team (Michal a Daniela Sejkorovi) where he worked as a dancer for 2 years.
He began his own courses together with Veronika Preislerova (now in Donantes De Rumba) under dance school TŠ Style at YMCA (Prague) in 2003. For 3 years, he gave courses in prestigious dance school Dance Perfect (Lenka Ottova). He also gave few courses in the fitness center BBC under guidance of David Huf. Honza became member of dance group Tradicion in 2004. Tradicion presents dance shows inspired by Latin American folklore; its choreographies are created by native Cuban or Brazilian dancers. Honza also founded his own dance school in 2004: Bohemian Salsa. He is acting as instructor, manager and choreographer there. Together with his team of instructors he prepares new Salsa (and other club styles) dancers. Moreover, he organizes workshops in Prague and elsewhere in the Czech republic, „Salsa-theques“, parties or dance related journeys abroad. Honza is holder of trainer certificate ČMTO (now called CDO, Czech Dance Organization) for special pair dances, including Salsa. He was member of jury of the only Czech Salsa competition that took place on the occasion of the CZ SUT (= dance teachers union) Championship at Chrast (Chrudim) in 2006. Honza continues with his own development through the international congresses where he presents his choreographies and gets lessons from the best dancers, such as Eddie Torres, Tito y Tamara, Supermario and Suzana Montero, Hacha y Machete, Maykel Fonts, Henry Herrera or Felipe Polanco. He also discovers other dance styles, such as Tango, Swing, Hip-hop, Modern dance or Afro in his free time.

Ina Daučíková
Ina was born in Bratislava (Slovakia), Given that her mother was dancer and choreographer, Ina dances from her childhood. She begun with Classic and Modern ballet or folk dances. Later, she became member of the well-known Slovak dance group Spektrum where she participated at shows as well as competitions, for example in dance formation (Dance Show) or ball choreography. She discovered Salsa in Spain but got addicted after moving to Prague in 2001 only.
Ina was one of the founding members of Fruta Fresca, the best Latin group according to the Internet survey Prague Latin Awards 2003. Before their separation, Fruta Fresca ladies were able to create several great choreographies. Ina participated also during foundation of another dance group, Nosotras (now called Nosotros), working there as a dancer for 4 years. Nowadays, she concentrates on dance projects with her friend Jana Cerna and Honza Dvorak under the dance school Bohemian Salsa. She also occasionally helps with teaching there. Ina enriches her knowledge continuously on international festivals and workshops, learning more and more dancing styles or techniques, such as Salsa on 2, Pachanga, Rumba, Yoruba, Afro, Modern dance, etc.