Dance in' Prague (CZ)

Dance in' Prague
Dance-in' Prague is a new dance school with a strong experience in zouk and WCS founded by Zdeněk Kabát, Anet Pérez and Veronika Klozíková.

Zdeněk Kabát
Zdeněk was born in central Bohemia in 1985 and he first met dancing in his 17 years when he started with latin-american dances. He also took classes in other styles including ballroom dances and contemporary but in the end settled in Carribean - salsa, bachata and merengue. In salsa he prefers casino (so called "cuban" salsa) which he was teaching e.g. in Fuego dancesport club and opened his own classes in Říčany near Prague. He also became an instructor of more advanced classes of this style in Salsa-Dance studio and moreover he opened several courses of rueda de casino. He was also teaching cuban salsa in Centrum tance studio in Prague.

In 2008, Zdeněk got hooked on brazilian zouk right after its beginning in the Czech Republic. His first teachers were e.g. Carlos da Silva, Pasty, Adilio Porto or Karu Pires and he is still attending dance festival for further education. Since 2010, he has been teaching zouk together with Aneta Pérez, originally in Salsa-Dance studio and since 2012 in Dance Factory in Prague. He was also teaching zouk in Latino Dance Academy. Zdeněk prefers modern Rio style zouk that allows more fluent movement, better music expression and deeper harmony with a partner. Since 2012, he has been very intensively learning and dancing west coast swing which he introduced in Prague in a form of workshops with international teachers and also as regular classes with Aneta Pérez. Apart from dance itself, Zdeněk is an organizer of zouk and WCS workshops and occasionally is DJing (Salsa & Zouk night in Palace Illusion, zouk parties in Music City, WCS DJ at WestZoukTIME! 2013, party at Jam Café, Prague Dance Centre, Solidní jistota, Prague Latino Festival 2013 etc.).

Aneta Pérez
Aneta was born in Prague, however, her roots are partially cuban. She dedicated her childhood to sports, especially to gymnastics and volleyball. In the end, she found what had been always attracting her - dance - and due to her origin she started with cuban salsa. Her first experience involved classes with Martina Anton and Andreas Theodosidou that led to the first public performance of rueda de casino. Between 2008 and 2010 she was teaching salsa, ladies styling and reggaeton and also was a member of Boom Brasil dance group.
In 2008 she fell in love with zouk and together with Zdeněk she put everything to this new passion. She gained her basics from Carlos da Silva (with his partners Susan Furtado, Sofie da Silva and Fernanda Vitoria), lately she has been inspired mostly by the dance of Kadu Pires and Larissa Thayane. Since 2012 she fell for the elegance and comfort of west coast swing that she learned from several international teachers. Currently she is teaching exclusively zouk and west coast swing with her partner Zdeněk and also Zumba (formerly Dance Station, now FANatic studio). Aneta is also regularly a dance partner for foreign teacher WCS workshops in Prague (Onya Opota, Kenny Nelson).

Veronika Klozíková