Maykel Fonts Company (Italy)

Angelo Gioffre
Angelo was born in Milan in 1990 and began dancing at the age of eight. He participated in national competitions and at the age of ten he started training in Caribbean dance. At the age of seventeen he enrolled in the M.A.S. (Music, Art, and Show) Academy in Milan and gained a degree in Dance and Television. Since then has been working in one of the most acclaimed groups in the world of salsa with the internationally renowned choreographer Maykel Fonts and his Fonts Company. He has toured extensively in Italy and abroad and also has done advertising campaigns and events for various international brands.currently dancing for the production Riverdream in the musical "heartbeat of home" and has already toured Dublin, Beijing, Shanghai, Toronto, Chicago, Detroit, Boston.

Andrea Campagna
Andrea Campagna starts dancing to age of 13 years in the school of “Art and movement” by Elisa Laviano that specializes in modern, classical and contemporary dance and it was there that he discovered his passion for dancing .. In 2005 it becomes part of the “Academia de baile” leaded by Mirko Stefio where he begins to deepen the Caribbean dances. From 2005 to 2007, he wins the regional championships, national and international classes C. B. A. AS .... In 2008 he begins his career as a professional dancer: he enters the dance company called “Puerto Rico dancers “ by Mirko Stefio and he starts to turn to Italy. In 2011 he becomes part of the "SALSACHE", a dance group created by Lieb J y Yuniel Gual and finally in March 2011, his dream comes true! After so many sacrifices it’s time the "FONTS COMPANY". He starts around the world with his teacher Maykel Fonts trying to absorb as much as possible his style and enriching the study of African, rumba, hip hop, flamenco and dance! In May 2014 he earned third place at the fifth “ Campeonato internacional pasos libres” in Spain.