Sisa & Marian (Slovakia)

He got overwhelmed by dance and its charm in 2007, when he first saw a latino party. He was amazed by the music, dance and atmosphere. It was for that, that he began attending salsa classes and parties. He danced his way through up to the dance group Amigos, where he stayed for two years and learned various dance styles. Shortly after he started dancing, he was so attracted by Kizomba, that he was (in y. 2008) one of the first few students of the first kizomba classes in Slovakia, led by Carlos Miranda.
Kizomba and Semba catched him by heart and his further direction in dance became clear. He attended and is still attending kizomba festivals, where he learns from different teachers and dancers. For two years, he was a member of a dance group Kimbombos.
Dancing - and mainly Kizomba - is what he likes to teach as well, and loves the opportunity it gives him to meet people and make new friends. That´s why he started to teach Kizomba in 2011 with his dancing partner Sisa.

Sisa Hodosiová
Since her childhood, she' s been an active member of the dance club Spektrum, where she grew up to be an experienced dance instructor, trainer and choreographer (classic dance, jazz, show dance, modern dance, street, salsa... ).
She was also dancing in the dance club Uni-dance. One year and a half she was a member of the dance group Kimbombos (kizomba, semba, kuduro). Thanks to these dancing units and her long-time dancing partner Dodo Harangozó, she became a universal dancer, a multiple World cup champion, a world vice-champion and a multiple Slovak champion in various dancing categories and disciplines.
She passes on her knowledge to her students not only in the two above mentioned dance clubs, but also at various workshops, classes and seminars.